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2000 ft/hour
Mobiltartozék csomagoló

  • Location: Budapest, District 15
  • Working hours: Hétköznap 08:00-16:00
  • Weekly working time: 0 - 20 hours
  • Required language skills: Hungarian
  • Identification: #25762

  • 1


For an employment two conditions must be jointly met::

  • You must be aged over 16.
  • You must be a full-time student with an active student legal relationship.
  • For a passive legal relationship you must be aged under 25.

For an employment you have to establish a membership with us.



Select a job from job options we offer (you cannot join the School Cooperative unless you apply for a specific offer).

For joining us, asking for a job and making an employment contract you will have to present us the following documents:

  • ID card
  • Tax card. Your tax ID is indicated on your tax card.
  • A school attendance certificate certifying that you are a full-time student.
  • Your own personal bank account no.
  • Social Security (TAJ) card
  • To join the School Cooperative you will have to fill in a Declaration of Intent to Join us. Take care to fill in the declaration legibly, completely and first of all correctly after reading and construing it. By filling in a Declaration of Intent to join us you will sign a unit amounting to HUF 500.00 that will be deducted from your first salary.

Performing a work

You shall perform the job you have undertaken, in accordance with those set out in the Employment Contract and/or work all throughout the period you have undertaken. Should you fail to work during the entire period you have undertaken, a part of your wage can be deducted by the project leader.

In order to account for your working hours, always remember to keep an Attendance Sheet at work, have it signed and deliver it in person to our Customer Service until the second working day of the subsequent month at the latest. You will get your Attendance Sheet Form from our Customer Service staff when signing an Employment Contract. In absence of a certified Attendance Sheet, we cannot accept your performance of work.

Important! As a foreigner, you can work 24 hours a week only during the term-time but even 40 hours a week during the summer period.

Should you be unable, for any reason, to meet your job obligations you have undertaken, report it at least 2 working days in advance in person, by phone or via e-mail to our Customer Service so that we can take appropriate measures to replace you in time. In failure to do so you will be entered on a Black List which means that you will not get a job from us for a period of even 2 months.


The wage for the work you have performed will always be paid to you by transfer, once a month. The wage will always be transferred to your own personal bank account on the second or third week following the month you have performed. No wage shall be paid in cash! No payment shall be paid unless all your data indicated in the Declaration of Intent to Join or in the Employment Contract filled in at the date of joining us are correct, complete and you have delivered your Attendance Sheet to our Customer Service on time.

We cannot accept any complaint unless the above listed obligations are properly met.

Leaving us

It`s not worth leaving us unless you are sure that you do not wish to get a job from us any longer because there is no option of joining us again. Before leaving us make sure that you have got all your earnings because after leaving us you will have no opportunity to do it.

You can leave the School Cooperative in person only. To leave us you will need your ID card and the unit amounting to HUF 500.00 you got when you joined us. You can claim the value of that unit after the third month following the last payment.

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