Junior Software Tester Trainee

Are you passionate about technology and eager to make a significant impact in the navigation software industry? Do you possess a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join our dynamic team as a Junior Software Tester at NNG!
As a Junior Software Tester, you will play a vital role in ensuring the quality and reliability of our cutting-edge navigation application. Your work will directly impact the user experience of people around the world, as they rely on our software to navigate their way through life's journeys. We are seeking enthusiastic individuals who thrive in a collaborative and fast-paced environment, and who are eager to grow their skills while contributing to the success of our product.

1. Manual Exploratory Testing: You will have the opportunity to embark on an adventure through our iGo.Live application, exploring its features and functionalities from a user's perspective. You will navigate through various scenarios, identifying potential issues, and providing valuable feedback to enhance the overall user experience.
2. Bug Reproduction: You will be responsible for reproducing bugs reported by our users, meticulously following their steps to replicate the issues. Your keen attention to detail and analytical mindset will help us uncover the root causes of these bugs, enabling our development team to implement effective solutions.
3. Gathering Information: In this role, you will serve as a detective, gathering crucial information about errors encountered by users. You will communicate with users, capturing their experiences, and extracting valuable insights to guide our testing efforts and ensure a seamless software experience.
4. Re-testing Fixed Issues: Once our development team has addressed reported issues, you will be responsible for conducting comprehensive re-tests to verify that the fixes are successful. Your meticulous approach will play a vital role in ensuring the stability and reliability of our software, leaving no stone unturned.
5. Optional Field Testing: As part of our commitment to excellence, you will have the opportunity to participate in field testing. This will involve venturing out into the real world, testing our software in diverse environments, and providing valuable feedback to further enhance its performance and accuracy.
• A passion for technology and a desire to contribute to the navigation software industry.
• Strong attention to detail and a systematic approach to problem-solving.
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
• A team player mindset with the ability to collaborate effectively in a fast-paced environment.
• Flexibility and adaptability to handle evolving priorities and changing project requirements.
• A willingness to continuously learn and grow in a dynamic industry.
Place of work:
Our headquarters is in Budapest, but we offer you a flexible, hybrid-working opportunity!

What can we give you in return?
• A job at a successful global company
• Professional challenges
• A secure and well-paid job
• Flexible working hours and Home Office possibility
• Competitive salary with a health care package
• Cutting-edge infrastructure
• A youthful team

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we revolutionize the way people navigate the world around them. Together, we will shape the future of navigation software and create a seamless and enjoyable experience for our users.
Apply now to be a part of our innovative team at NNG! Let's chart new territories together!
  • Location: Budapest, District 3
  • Working hours: 8:00-17:00
  • Weekly working time: 20 - 30 hours
  • Specialization: Testing, Support
  • Required language skills: Hungarian, English
  • Wage: 2500 ft/hour
  • Identification: #25287
  • Period: permanent labour
  • Job start: After an application with CV
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